Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Business Video Animation - Which Video Hosting Service should you use?

Business Video Animation - Which Video Hosting Service should you use?

Business Video Animations can be a great investment for a small company. At SUTV,  once we have completed a business video animation for a client, we often get asked to recommend a video hosting service. At SUTV we like to be as fair as possible, so here is our assessment of some of the most popular video hosting solutions for your newly created business video animation.
  • Business Video Animation Hosting Tip 1: YouTube is by far the most popular hosting service for business video animations. The Upload feature is straightforward, the Analytics are quite detailed, and most importantly, it is free. However, there is one major drawback - Advertisements. YouTube has a lot of them. However, if you are embedding your business video animation from YouTube to your own site, then these shouldn't appear. 
  • Business Video Animation Hosting Tip 2: Vimeo offers a competitively-priced Business video hosting service, which comes in at about £150 per year. You are not allowed to upload commercial business video on the free version of Vimeo. Vimeo offers an excellent Analytics feature, as well as easy to use Upload. You can also customise the video player to your heart's content. Vimeo also looks cool and if you've invested in a series of business video animations, then it's certainly worth investing in the Business video package.
  • Business Video Animation Hosting Tip 3: If you are planning on deploying a small number of business video animations on your website, then Wistia is definitely worth a look. Wistia offers a series of payment packages, dependent on how many videos you upload and how much bandwidth you use. Currently, they offer a free option, under which you can upload 3 videos, upto 5GB, with a Wistia branded video player.
There's so much innovation happening in the video hosting industry that it is impossible to say what will be on offer in two years time. One trend is clear, however - video hosting services are taking the small business market increasingly seriously.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Business Video Animation - Using Animation to Crowdfund your Startup

Business Video Animation - Using Animation to Crowdfund your Startup

At SUTV, we get lots of enquiries from budding entrepreneurs asking us to produce a business video animation for their Crowdfunding application. We've produced lots of animations now and helped a number of startups hit their fundraising targets. 

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular way to raise investment for a startup business. Many young people in particular cannot access traditional forms of bank finance for their startups. In the UK, there are a number of well-established Crowdfunding platforms, including Crowdcube and Seedrs, all of which recommend fleshing out your Pitch with a well produced video pitch. It's an exciting industry which could play a major part in restoring the UK economy back to good health. 

There are a number of things to bear in mind when producing a video animation for a Crowdfunding site.

  1. Before investing in a video, check that your startup idea meets the Crowdfunding platform's specific requirements. You may need to submit your idea first, and then wait for the Crowdfunding platform to give your application the green light. 
  2. Use the recommended Pitch format for the specific Crowdfunding platform. Each platform has its own requirements and recommendations. 
  3. Spend a lot of time on your Script. This is the backbone of any video, more so for a video pitch.
  4. When producing your video, put yourselves in the position of the investor. They are often very busy with limited time to view all the video pitches, let alone read all the business plans. The video should be concise, informative but also say something about you as an entrepreneur - don't be afraid to add humour in the right places.
  5. Good Product Shots / Screenshots. If you already have a prototype up and running, whether a physical product or screenshots of your new technology, make sure they are high quality. There's nothing worse than watching a well produced video with inferior product shots, it shows your startup in a bad light.
  6. First person or Third person? This is a common question - how should you narrate your pitch? There's no set-rules here, other than consistency: if you choose to use the first-person, then stick to it throughout the narration.
  7. Music? We generally recommended people add background music to their video pitch. It helps give a professional edge to the video and can give the video narrative momentum.
  8. Professional Voiceover. Unless you are an experienced and confident voiceover artist, get a professional voiceover. You will waste lots of time trying to record your voiceover, and it won't come across as professional. 
  9. Under 3 minutes. Again put yourself in the shoes of the investors. If you're video is over 3 minutes they are unlikely to click on it in the first place.
Obviously there are a lot of points here to consider. You could of course save yourself a lot of time and order a business video producer to create your video for you. You can order your Pitch Animation in under 10 minutes using the SUTV Studio, our prices start from £225. We love working with exciting startups and you can check out more of our work on our Facebook page

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Business Video Animation - how to Optimise

Business Video Animation is a great investment for any small business. But there's no point investing unless you get Quality Views. To optimise your video, you need to share it. By getting Quality Video Views, you can build your brand and generate new leads, and thereby maximise the return on your business video animation investment.
Start by uploading the business video animation onto your own website or blog. Not only will this make your site more engaging, but it could improve your ranking on search engines – at no cost, that’s surely a no-brainer.
The next stage involves sharing your business vdeo animation on social networks. Social media is opening up new opportunities to optimise video with minimal or no expense. But which social networks should you choose?
  • Business Video Animation Tip.We recommend you start by uploading your video onto YouTube. YouTube is hugely popular and people are increasingly using it as a search engine in its own right. So potential clients could discover your company simply through a search on YouTube.
  • Business Video Animation Tip. Twitter is a great social network for optimising business video animation. You can embed your video into your company Twitter feed simply by pasting the YouTube URL into the text box. Your video may then get retweeted by your followers and shared across the twittersphere.

Most social networks now have a video upload facility, and we recommend you upload your video to any social networks which you are currently members of.
Finally, don’t forget the value of your existing business network. Optimise your business video animation by sharing it through your company communications, such as attaching it to emails and uploading it to company newsletters.

Business Video Animation - A New Way to order using the SUTV Studio

Business Video Animation - A New Way to order using the SUTV Studio

Business Video Animation is a booming industry with plenty of innovation. At SUTV, we wanted to contribute to the wave of creativity, and make ordering a business animation easier than ever before.

That's why we've developed the SUTV Studio. In the past, to order a business animation, you would have to go to a video animation service website, and wait for them to get back to you with a quote. But with the SUTV Studio, you can order the animation there and then, in under 10 minutes. You know exactly how much you are paying, too.

The SUTV Studio recently won the Best Innovation Award at the Federation of Small Business Awards, Hertfordshire.

Watch the video to see how the service works. You can order online now using the SUTV Studio.