Friday, 18 October 2013

Business Video Animations - How to strike the right balance between Formality and Informality

Business Video Animations - How to strike the right balance between Formality and Informality

Many people still associate "Animation" with childrens' television. As business owners, they may be put off from using video animations to promote their company, assuming a business video animation will make them look childish and unprofessional.

This is an especially big issue for business service providers like accountants and legal service providers. 
Reputation and trust can take years to establish, with the result that they may opt for more tried-and-tested marketing methods like branded office stationery.

But such conservatism can come back to bite you, as your rivals start to flourish by using the new marketing methods to gain new business at your expense.

That's why we work especially hard to ensure our clients have the option of a middle-ground when it comes to their business video animations. Business Video Animations can range from the wacky, heavily experimental and in-your-face, to the dry, slow and heavily informative, and it's important you have a clear idea of where on the spectrum you would like to be.

Here are our tips for striking the right balance between Formality and Informality in your business video animations

  • Take a different perspective. Look at your business from an interesting angle to tell an engaging story. Like metaphysical poets of the seventeenth-century, you could dramatise the seemingly insignificant - like the number of cups of coffee drunk per week by your staff - to tell a larger story about your company. Here's an example
  • Choose a professional voiceover artist. This really is a no-brainer - if you want to look professional, then get in the professionals.
  • Use humour strategically. If you want to avoid as coming across as too informal, then we suggest you keep the humour to the beginning and the ending of the video animation.
  • Balance the major aspects of the video off against one another. So if you are using a really childish cartoon style, use a formal voiceover artist. Or if you are using a very formal animation style, use a more casual voiceover artist.
  • Formal Ending. We always recommend having a clear, simple professional Call To Action (CTA) - avoid being overly creative, and just keep to the facts (your contact details).
Appropriately, we will end this post with our CTA - you can order a business video animation for your business in under 10 minutes through the SUTV Studio. Prices start from £225.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Business Video Animations - New Ways to develop video content for your site - FAQ Videos

Business Video Animations - New Ways to develop video content for your site

Business video animations offer many benefits to small businesses. A picture is worth a thousand words so you can convey a lot of information, very quickly, to your target market through a well produced business video animation. 

This means more and more people are looking to replace the text on their website with video content. One of our clients wanted to clean up their website's FAQ section, and have a video for each FAQ. We produced eight FAQ videos for them, which they then embedded into their website. They also uploaded them to YouTube, which is a major search engine in its own right.

When producing a FAQ video animation, you should avoid simply repeating the text answer response in the video. You can convey a lot of written information visually. So instead ensure the video animation is visually engaging. Also, make sure the pace is not too fast - put yourself in the shoes of someone who knows next to nothing about your product/service.

Here's one of the FAQ animations we produced for the client:
You can order your own FAQ business video animations direct from our SUTV Studio. Our price start from just £225.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Business Video Animation - New Ways to Promote your company Number 1

Business Video Animation - New Ways to Promote your company Number 1

Business video animation is taking off across the board. Corporates led the way, but now small businesses are quickly catching up as internet content moves from text to video.

At SUTV, we are always on the look out for doing new things with business video animation. With the digital revolution, there are lots of opportunities to innovate and promote your company in new ways. As so much business is still done locally, we wanted to explore ways of using digital media to raise a company's profile in its local environment.

For the last year we've been producing a series of monthly "What's On" video animations for the town of Hertford, in the UK. Every month we put together a video animation detailing exciting upcoming events in the town. The animation then gets retweeted by local people, digitally spreading the word and helping promote the town's civic culture and identity.

Each month's animation is sponsored by a local business. For October, our sponsor was a local book-keeping service, Angels & Ledgers.