Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Why Business Video Animations? Our Top Ten reasons

Why Business Video Animations? Our Top Ten reasons

Business Video Animation Point 1

Easy communication - use an animation to present technical concepts

Business Video Animation Point 2

Time efficient - present an overview of your company in 90 seconds

Business Video Animation Point 3

Quick qualification - by prospects in seconds

Business Video Animation Point 4

Less boring! An interesting method of presentation

Business Video Animation Point 5

Expand sales potential. 

Business Video Animation Point 6

Export potential - easier to comprehend abroad

Business Video Animation Point 7

Rapid training - keep staff updated

Business Video Animation Point 8

Product launches - easier, faster and cheaper than printed material

Business Video Animation Point 9

Resource efficient - get information across quickly

Business Video Animation Point 10

Beat the competition! with clarity and speed.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Business Video Animations - How to Showcase your Service

Business Video Animations - How to Showcase your Service

Business video animation is a popular media for demonstrating a new product or service. At SUTV, we work with many clients who are about to launch a new product or service, and want to commission an animation to explain the concept on their website and create some buzz.

We've learned a few things from the experience and have compiled some business video animation Top Tips for showcasing your service.

Business Video Animation Tip 1

Ensure any photographs you use are high resolution. If you have commissioned a high quality animation, then you need high quality images to ensure the look of the video is consistently high. Otherwise, your service will be shown in a bad light. If you only have sketchy graphics, then consider getting a photoshop specialist to improve the images for you. We recommend using Fiverr to source one.

Business Video Animation Tip 2

If you have a software product, then consider using screenshots of your service, as seen from the user's point of view. Make sure that the screenshot is running in time to the narration. You can speed up or slow down the screenshot by using a good video editing software service like Sony Vegas

Business Video Animation Tip 3

Include a Call to Action slide at the end of the video. This is really important. It's easy to get carried away showing off the awesomeness of your new service, so come back down to earth at the end by telling new users how they can access the service (e.g. download from an App store, or directly from your website).

Business Video Animation Tip 4

Target one specific usergroup and then script the video accordingly. Many people make their videos too technical - a bad idea if you are going for a non-technical audience. You might want to pass the video by a marketing expert before the final release.

SUTV specialises in creating video animations for the small business market, with prices starting from just £225. You can order a bespoke animation for your company in just five minutes using the SUTV Studio