Monday, 20 January 2014

How to Use Video Animations to build the profile of your Charity

How to Use Video Animations to build the profile of your Charity

At SUTV Video Animations, we normally specialise in producing video animations for small businesses, but occasionally we receive orders from charities and social enterprises, and we're more than happy to help out.

We've now developed a number of video animations for the charity sector and come to realise that video animations are a really great way for charities to reach out to stakeholders. Here's why:

  • Video Animations make you stand out from the crowd. Charities are often competing against one another for funds and public attention so they are often keen to find new ways of getting their message across.
  • Video Animations simplify your core message. This is especially important for charities as people often suffer from charity overload - where and how should I donate my money?
  • Video Animations can incorporate your photos. Many charities run regular events and take photos, which are then included in newsletters and publicity material. A video animation can give new life to these photos in a dynamic and engaging medium.
  • Video Animations are easy to upload to your existing communications. Many charities often have large email databases and you can easily attach your video animation to your emails by adding the YouTube hyperlink. They can also be added to some charity fundraising platforms.
These are just a few of the reasons as to why video animations work so well for the charity sector.

To illustrate our points, here's a video animation we recently produced for a very cool charity based in London and Hertfordshire, The Gifted, which uses podcasting projects to inspire and empower young people.