Wednesday, 21 May 2014

SUTV Business Video Animations: How to Keep within the 2 Minute Rule!

As we are all beginning to appreciate, the digital revolution is undermining the average person's attention span. 

If you compare TV shows today with those from 20 years back, the scenes are much shorter.

Popular novels increasingly have one sentence per paragraph (when did you last see someone reading a tome like War and Peace?).

Online adverts often employ shock-and-awe tactics to get your attention amid the cacophony of digital noise.

And with the rise of smartphones, people are constantly diverted when they are out and about, whether they are checking emails or updating their favourite App.

So what does this mean for business videos? Unless someone turns off the internet, it's a good bet attention spans will continue to suffer as the digital revolution continues apace. So it's essential you produce business video content which can be digested easily and quickly by anyone who happens across your website or social media channels.

At SUTV, we like to emphasise the importance of the SUTV 2 Minute Rule to all our clients. You need to keep your video content short, sharp, and informative. A well edited script is essential. 

And so is an appreciation of the golden rule, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can convey information visually as well as verbally.

We recently produced this video for Complete Direct Marketing, an exciting marketing service for Startups and SMEs. We completed the video within a week of the client making contact. And most importantly, we stuck to the SUTV 2 Minute Rule!

You can order a SUTV Video Animation today using our Award-winning SUTV Studio (and it only takes 5 minutes).