Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to use business video animations to raise funding

How to use business video animations to raise funding

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular method for raising funds for a new or established business.

A well produced business video animation can make all the difference as to whether you can attract investors. 

Most Crowdfunding sites have a video upload facility, meaning you can flesh out your pitch and stand out from the crowd.

But there are a number of golden rules to bear in mind, when producing a pitch video animation.

  • Ensure you read the video guidelines for the portal you are using. There may be a time limit, or a preferred structure which they want you to follow.

  • Don't over-do the humour. This may put investors off. Also, many investors will be international and may not understand the joke.

  • Avoid too much detail. This will lengthen the video and often detracts from getting across the key points. Put the detail in the business plan instead.

  • Get a professional voiceover. You can source one at a reasonable rate off Fiverr.

  • Recap the proposition at the end. This should only take 10 seconds.

  • Represent information visually. Cut down the voiceover and use the power of animation to get your points across.

  • Close with a call to action. Include your contact details and encourage investors to make contact with any questions they may have.

 Follow these rules and you should dramatically improve the chances of securing your investment. Good luck!