Thursday, 9 October 2014

How to promote your company on Facebook using Video Animation

How to promote your company on Facebook using Video Animation

Facebook continues its march towards global dominance as the next Google.

This means advertising and promotional activity is shifting from Search to Social. Many business websites now generate the majority of their traffic from social networks.

A professionally produced video animation is a great way to get your message out there.

Facebook has a simple to use video upload function. This means you have to have the original file for your video animation. Make sure this gets sent to you by your producer, rather than simply letting them upload it to YouTube.

Many of the Golden Rules which apply to business video animation in general also apply to Facebook. The video should be short, and especially engaging at the start. 

You should also get a professional voiceover artist to record your voiceover.

But in order to optimise your Facebook video, it is best to start off by doing some research into your target market.

Here is a great list of tools to get your started. 

Generate two to three "Personas", the kind of people who are likely to be interested in your service or product.

Once you have a "Persona", you can then talk to your video producer, and ask them to target the video at them. This could include:

  • Using a voiceover artist from the same age group
  • Referencing local cultural references
  • Adding background music which the demographic group will recognise
The key to success is to build content that is relevant for your target Persona. And it is essential you identify the target Persona(s) before you commission future video animations for use on Facebook.

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