Thursday, 20 November 2014

Business video animations - how to declutter your FAQs section

Business video animations - how to declutter your business website

Most of our clients at SUTV want what we call a "Showcase" business video animation. This is a summary of your company for your website visitors, which often features on the company landing page.

A Showcase business video animation can improve your site's stickiness, lower your bounce rate, and get your message across as concisely and quickly as possible. So we think a Showcase is a great investment overall.

But there are also other sections of your business website which can benefit from a business video animation. 

A Frequently Asked Questions can get particularly cluttered. A professionally produced video animation could tackle all your FAQs is one video, or you could create a video for each Question.

Video animations work really well for businesses selling very technical products. You can describe core features of your product with concision, and demonstrate any outstanding aspects in detail.

At SUTV, we have produced video animations FAQs for a number of companies, including a heart defibrillator company and a financial services company.  You can order your a professional video animation easily and quickly using our award-winning SUTV Studio, or if you have any questions, please contact us via email or over the phone.