Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Your Business Video Animation: What to include on the final slide

Here is a list of things you might want to include on the final slide of your business video animation. 

  • Your website address. A no-brainer really.
  • Contact details like phone/fax numbers. Make sure they are internationalised if you are appealing to a global market.
  • Your social media channels. Include the relevant icon and link or a call to action, e.g. "Find us on YouTube".
  • A call to action. Often overlooked but essential to getting a return on your investment. Direct the viewer to a desired action, e.g. "Subscribe to our free e-newsletter".
  • A Thank You, e.g. "Thanks for Watching".
This is not an exclusive list but we find it works for most of our clients.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Your Business Video Animation: How to get Quality Views

Your Business Video Animation: How to get Quality Views

Video animations can be a great way of promoting your business simply, quickly and with high impact. 

But there is little point spending money on a professional video animation unless the people who matter are going to a) find it and b) watch it.

The secret to any successful video marketing campaign is to understand WHO it is you are trying to influence.

A business video animation for promoting a startup on a crowdfunding site is going to be aimed at an investor.

A business video animation for promoting an established business on their own website is going to be aimed at potential customers.

Great, so you have a good idea of WHO who are trying to influence. You can now create your business video animation so it will appeal to that type of person.

But you then have to plan HOW you are going to reach them. And this is where it pays to do your research and get strategic.

Social media can be a great channel for getting quality video views. But uploading your video to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and expecting the magic to suddenly happen isn't, in our experience, going to work.

There is, in short, a LOT of video on the internet. 

Here our some tips from SUTV on how to get quality views without breaking the bank:

- Tag your videos on YouTube/Facebook/LinkedIn with your keywords/keyphrases. You should already have a list of keywords from your website SEO, but if not, you can research some using Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner. 

- Trial the advertising packages on the social networks. You could budget for a monthly campaign on, say, Facebook Ads. Note: it pays to have a detailed idea of who you are trying to reach, as you can target your audience very finely on these platforms.

- Build up a following on social media in the first place. Ask your existing customers to like your company profile on Facebook. They will then be able to share any new content you upload.

- Improve your website SEO. If you are going to upload your business video animation, then its going to be more views if your website is already attracting quality traffic. 

These are just a few tips to get you started. 

SUTV creates awesome business video animations. Please contact us if you want to discuss creating a professional business video animation for your business. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

How to Shrink a Business Plan into a Video Pitch for Crowdfunding

When we produce a Video Pitch Animation for a Crowdfunding client, the first thing we ask for is a copy of their Business Plan. 

We use the Business Plan as the basis of the Video Script. A great Script is essential for producing a great Video Pitch.

But most Business Plans run to 30 pages plus, whereas a 2 minute Video Script has to be under 400 words long. So how do you Shrink a Business Plan into a Video Pitch? Here are our Top Tips:

  • Follow a pre-defined Structure. Segment your Script into around 6 subject areas, such as 'Marketing', 'Business Model' and 'Competition'. You can then concentrate on extracting relevant information from the Business Plan.
  • Don't worry about Financials. This information is best kept in your uploaded Documents. Remember the point of a Video Pitch is to attract the initial attention of the Crowdfunding platform's investment community.
  • Prioritise presenting information about how Unique your Startup/Company is. Focus on the parts of your Business Plan which emphasise how transformative you really are.
  • Finally, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. A Video Animation allows you to represent a lot of information visually. So when scanning your Video Script, try to extract the text that can be represented visually to help the editing process.
At SUTV, we include a Script writing service as part of our service. If you are interested in ordering a Video Animation for your Crowdfunding idea, then please contact us today. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

The Optimum Crowdfunding Video Pitch - how to Brief your Video Production Company

The Optimum Crowdfunding Video Pitch - how to Brief your Video Production Company

Crowdfunding continues to grow as more and more startups and established businesses turn to the Crowd for investment. 

At SUTV, we've seen the industry blossom. When we started out two years ago, Crowdfunding Video Pitches represented zero % of our business. Now, they account for 70% of our sales, and that number is growing.

Many Crowdfunders prefer to develop their own Video Pitches, but as the industry grows and becomes more established, increasingly entrepreneurs are turning to professional video production companies. 

But it is still a good idea to brief the video production company before you pay them any money.

Here are our Tips for how to brief:

  • Ask them to provide you with a script for your Crowdfunding Video Pitch. You can then make any amendments/revisions before they start the production process.
  • Establish how many sets of revisions you are allowed on your Video Pitch. You may want to alter the video a number of times, but most production companies will charge extra after a certain number of revisions.
  • Make sure you own the copyright to the video. Ask them directly or ask for a copy of their Terms & Conditions.
  • Ensure they follow the guidelines as laid down by the Crowdfunding platform. Some platforms want your Video Pitch to conform to a certain structure, e.g. Introduction, The Problem, The Solution, etc
  • Last but not least, make sure they can produce your Video Pitch to meet your deadline for going live on the Crowdfunding platform.
We've produced Video Pitch Animations for a number of clients, using a number of different platforms. If you'd like to discuss a Video Pitch Animation for your business, then please contact us today. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Reflections on creating Crowdfunding Video Animations - Two years on

Reflections on creating Crowdfunding Video Animations - Two years on

At SUTV, we've been producing Crowdfunding videos to help the next generation of entrepreneurs to fundraise for their startups for two years now. 

Crowdfunding has grown exponentially in that period and we've learnt a number of lessons in that time. 

Here are some of our reflections:

  • Choice of Crowdfunding platform is essential. There are many more Crowdfunding platforms out there now compare to two years ago. The new generation of platforms tend to be focused on specific types of startups or projects. They also structure their deals differently. It is important to do some research and find the right platform for you
  • Use social media to create buzz to get your project/startup attention early on. Most Crowdfunding platforms now include social media icons to share your project. Encourage family and friends to get the word out over social media
  • Ensure your project/startup has been accepted by the Crowdfunding platform. This is especially important if you are considering commissioning a pitch video - get the green light from the platform first
  • Develop your pitch video with reference to the Crowdfunding platform's guidelines. Most platforms have a preferred structure for pitch videos
We are convinced Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds for projects and startups. If you want to discuss a pitch video animation for your startup, then you can order one today through the SUTV Studio

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Business Video Animations - for Website or Social?

Business Video Animations - for Website or Social?

The rise of social media means website traffic is increasingly coming from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, at the cost of the search engines.

What does this mean for the business about to commission a new Showcase video animation?

In practice, there should not be a great deal of difference between developing a business video animation for your website and for your social media channels.

The golden rules apply regardless:
  • Keep the video short - under 2 minutes
  • If adding a voiceover, make sure you use a professional voiceover artist
  • A picture paints a thousand words - convey as much information as possible visually rather than through the voiceover
But there are some added considerations to take into account when developing a business video animation that you want to distribute both on your website and over social media. Consider:

  • Calls to action - if you are adding a video to Facebook, for example, you could include a CTA at the end of the video, such as asking viewers to 'Like' the video
  • Video hosting - if you want to add a video to your Twitter feed, then you should upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo. Then all you have to do is paste the url for the video to appear in your Twitter feed
  • Viral - social media is all about sharing content. People tend to choose to share content that is funny, unique, or dramatic. So adding such elements to your business video animation may be preferable if you intend to upload it to your social networks
You can order a SUTV Video Animation today using our Award-winning SUTV Studio