Thursday, 21 May 2015

How to Shrink a Business Plan into a Video Pitch for Crowdfunding

When we produce a Video Pitch Animation for a Crowdfunding client, the first thing we ask for is a copy of their Business Plan. 

We use the Business Plan as the basis of the Video Script. A great Script is essential for producing a great Video Pitch.

But most Business Plans run to 30 pages plus, whereas a 2 minute Video Script has to be under 400 words long. So how do you Shrink a Business Plan into a Video Pitch? Here are our Top Tips:

  • Follow a pre-defined Structure. Segment your Script into around 6 subject areas, such as 'Marketing', 'Business Model' and 'Competition'. You can then concentrate on extracting relevant information from the Business Plan.
  • Don't worry about Financials. This information is best kept in your uploaded Documents. Remember the point of a Video Pitch is to attract the initial attention of the Crowdfunding platform's investment community.
  • Prioritise presenting information about how Unique your Startup/Company is. Focus on the parts of your Business Plan which emphasise how transformative you really are.
  • Finally, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. A Video Animation allows you to represent a lot of information visually. So when scanning your Video Script, try to extract the text that can be represented visually to help the editing process.
At SUTV, we include a Script writing service as part of our service. If you are interested in ordering a Video Animation for your Crowdfunding idea, then please contact us today.