Friday, 8 May 2015

The Optimum Crowdfunding Video Pitch - how to Brief your Video Production Company

The Optimum Crowdfunding Video Pitch - how to Brief your Video Production Company

Crowdfunding continues to grow as more and more startups and established businesses turn to the Crowd for investment. 

At SUTV, we've seen the industry blossom. When we started out two years ago, Crowdfunding Video Pitches represented zero % of our business. Now, they account for 70% of our sales, and that number is growing.

Many Crowdfunders prefer to develop their own Video Pitches, but as the industry grows and becomes more established, increasingly entrepreneurs are turning to professional video production companies. 

But it is still a good idea to brief the video production company before you pay them any money.

Here are our Tips for how to brief:

  • Ask them to provide you with a script for your Crowdfunding Video Pitch. You can then make any amendments/revisions before they start the production process.
  • Establish how many sets of revisions you are allowed on your Video Pitch. You may want to alter the video a number of times, but most production companies will charge extra after a certain number of revisions.
  • Make sure you own the copyright to the video. Ask them directly or ask for a copy of their Terms & Conditions.
  • Ensure they follow the guidelines as laid down by the Crowdfunding platform. Some platforms want your Video Pitch to conform to a certain structure, e.g. Introduction, The Problem, The Solution, etc
  • Last but not least, make sure they can produce your Video Pitch to meet your deadline for going live on the Crowdfunding platform.
We've produced Video Pitch Animations for a number of clients, using a number of different platforms. If you'd like to discuss a Video Pitch Animation for your business, then please contact us today.