Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Your Business Video Animation: How to get Quality Views

Your Business Video Animation: How to get Quality Views

Video animations can be a great way of promoting your business simply, quickly and with high impact. 

But there is little point spending money on a professional video animation unless the people who matter are going to a) find it and b) watch it.

The secret to any successful video marketing campaign is to understand WHO it is you are trying to influence.

A business video animation for promoting a startup on a crowdfunding site is going to be aimed at an investor.

A business video animation for promoting an established business on their own website is going to be aimed at potential customers.

Great, so you have a good idea of WHO who are trying to influence. You can now create your business video animation so it will appeal to that type of person.

But you then have to plan HOW you are going to reach them. And this is where it pays to do your research and get strategic.

Social media can be a great channel for getting quality video views. But uploading your video to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and expecting the magic to suddenly happen isn't, in our experience, going to work.

There is, in short, a LOT of video on the internet. 

Here our some tips from SUTV on how to get quality views without breaking the bank:

- Tag your videos on YouTube/Facebook/LinkedIn with your keywords/keyphrases. You should already have a list of keywords from your website SEO, but if not, you can research some using Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner. 

- Trial the advertising packages on the social networks. You could budget for a monthly campaign on, say, Facebook Ads. Note: it pays to have a detailed idea of who you are trying to reach, as you can target your audience very finely on these platforms.

- Build up a following on social media in the first place. Ask your existing customers to like your company profile on Facebook. They will then be able to share any new content you upload.

- Improve your website SEO. If you are going to upload your business video animation, then its going to be more views if your website is already attracting quality traffic. 

These are just a few tips to get you started. 

SUTV creates awesome business video animations. Please contact us if you want to discuss creating a professional business video animation for your business.